In order to reduce costs associated with excess capicity, our Atlanta, GA location will be merged into our Los Angeles, CA location. In addition, our shared hosting will also be moved to Los Angeles, CA.

In addition to these migrations, there will be changes on our end which include a brand new support system, all new plans and pricing, and various other changes.

Summy of migrations are as follows:

- OpenVZ Atlanta (Moving to OpenVZ LA)
- OpenVZ LA combined into one server
- KVM Atlanta (Moving to new KVM LA server)
- KVM LA (Moving to new KVM LA server)
- Shared hosting Dallas moved to new LA SSD shared
- Shared hosting LA moved to new LA server
- Reseller hosting Dallas moved to new LA server
- Shared hosting Germany moved to new SSD shared

**NOTES: Atlanta VPS clients will receive a new IP address. Shared hosting clients will have new nameservers / DNS to use in the new setup. VPS clients using either DNS cluster may need to adjust settings.**

Migrations will start 10 PM July 23rd for shared / reseller hosting.
Migrations will occur 10 PM - 3 AM starting July 30th and ending Aug 4th for OpenVZ and KVM VPSes

Saturday, July 15, 2017

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